Django Ticket #24112

I closed another Django ticket!

I thought this ticket would be simple: clean up the error reporting in another contributor’s pull request. Well, I was wrong and ended up getting very familiar with Django’s HTML-related testing tools instead.

The correct approach was to fix the underlying problem instead of merely improving the testing tool’s error reporting. As you can see in the pull request, it took me a while to come to this conclusion. At first I was embarrassed by the back and forth on GitHub, but what it really highlights is Django’s high-quality code review and contributor-care.

I am constantly impressed by Tim Graham, the current Django fellow. He is a skilled developer, and his code reviews are direct and to the point, never compromising quality.

Tim was patient with me on GitHub and IRC, and his good questions led me to fix the issue the right way. This just makes me want to contribute to Django more!